Hoplite Recruiting
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Men wear their helmets and their breastplates for their own needs, but they carry shields for the men of the entire line.
--Plutarch, Moralia

The Hoplite Brigade is Minmatar FW, now and forever. Convo Indius Lux

Q: Where is the Hoplite Brigade based?
A: We live in Lulm. Come at us.

Q: What does the Hoplite Brigade do?
A: We spin buttons until they suffer heat death of the universe. We're that good.

Q: Why should I join the Hoplite Brigade?
A: For the past decade we've been winning the warzone. Sometimes we're the only people fighting. It happens. We're the first people in and the last to leave. We were there when we won.

That said, we're a pretty laid back bunch of guys. We don't CTA. Kitchen sink is our motto. Duct tape and bailing wire our weapons.

Q: Who is the Hoplite Brigade recruiting?
A: Pirates, Noobs, Militia, Bittervets, Disgruntled postal workers.

Q: What do I need to do to join.
A: API. Blood sample. Credit report. Family history. Funeral money. Answer Monty Python riddles. Stool sample. Phyisical. Tax forms. In quintuplicate. But no really, we require an API, yes, full, stop asking. It's best if it's in your app.

Q? Convo Indius Lux