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In Game Browser Resources  
http://eve.grismar.net Large resource of various articles and tools
http://eve-survival.org/ Mission descriptions, very helpful to determine how to fit and shortcuts
http://eve.grismar.net/ore/index.php Chart of Ores and the minerals they yield
http://eve-central.com/home/ Find the lowest price of anything anywhere in Eve
Out Of Game Resources  
http://www.ombeve.co.uk/Eve_Regions.pdf Detailed maps to all regions of Eve
http://www.eve-agents.com/ Eve Agent Finder
http://www.fluidorbit.co.uk/ Detailed system information including ores and station services
http://sov.eve-dev.net/maps/ alliance sovreignty maps
http://www.onlinegamecommands.com/eveonline/eveonlinelearningskills.htm Guide to learning
http://www.battleclinic.com/eve_online/ship_loadout_browse.php Example ship loadouts
http://wiki.triangle-solutions.com/index.php/EVE_Mining#The_Ore An explanation of mining
http://www.eve-tribune.com/index.php?no=2_4&page=6 Guide to ECM for our Blackbird Pilots